About NUGA

We are NUGA BEST, a global company dedicated to creating a healthy world.

CEO Message

We will contribute to make a healthier and more humane
society with our caring minds for our customers and
advanced technology.

We all understand that today’s Nuga Medical is possible because all the executives
and employees and everyone in Best House have practices health, love and service
in a passionate way with their sweats until today since the establishment of Nuga Medical.
In addition, I would like to express my gratitude for everyone who loves Nuga Medical
from the bottom of my heart.
Now, Nuga Medical stands up at an important point to attempt a new take-off as a first-class
global company based on our achievements up to now. Nuga Medical will lead future changes
through the first-class management while leading the customer value during 2011.
To achieve such a goal, Nuga Medical will build up and practice quality management system
ahead of our customers for the value which customers recognize. We will ensure our Nuga Best
brand to become a symbol of new value generation with our service and quality which can
be differentiated from those of our competitors.

NUGA Global Chairman Cho Syung-hyun
We will practice the human resources management.
We will make efforts to ensure human resources with passion and expertise to try challenges continuously in contributing to the company and social advancement, while securing good talents, developing and operating various and efficient programs.
We will practice strategic and tactic management.
We will prepare and practice our future features in a systematic way including our plans for the future, our unique strategies for the continuous growth, and plans to secure our capability for them.
Finally, we will be trusted and loved with ethical management by customers and society.
We will contribute to the maximization of happiness in the society by seeking for the best value among various interests surrounding our company. In addition, all the executives and employees of Nuga Medical will practice ethical management through social contribution activities and exemplary initiatives.

Now, we will overcome any environmental difficulty and stretch a step further to a global first-class company recognized by customers, under ‘the challenging spirits toward the future’ with ‘the passion for customers’.

Thank you.